Codemasters impresses: ''I was very surprised by the new game''

08-06-2020 13:26
Codemasters impresses: ''I was very surprised by the new game''

Another month and then it's time for Formula 1 fans to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car again with the latest F1 game from Codemasters: F1 2020.

With a new option 'My Team', Codemasters has added a new management function to the simulation game, which should come close to reality. However, in addition to the management function, the driving style has also been improved in the game, which many drivers complain about.

F1 2020 a step forward

For example, Max Verstappen refuses to play the game because he thinks it is unrealistic. Online, however, George Russell told Sergio Perez that the latest variant F1 2020, is a big improvement over the current game on which many F1 drivers have already played during the official virtual Grand Prix.

''I've played the latest game recently and the improvements are really huge. I was positively surprised by oe it feels now when you go over the circuit. The biggest change is in switching down. You really need to use that now at the right time. The new game is really a lot better'', concludes Russell his plea for F1 2020 that will be available from July 10 for the computer and various consoles.

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