Montoya: ''Williams is out of desperation but people keep hiring''

08-06-2020 10:50
Montoya: ''Williams is out of desperation but people keep hiring''

Williams is about to fall. The race stable that managed to win several world titles in the past is in financial trouble, but there is no shortage of support. Juan Pablo Montoya is also hoping for a restored Williams.

''I think Williams has a lot of people working in the wrong place. If someone's good at something, it doesn't mean they're good at a completely different part. If someone is good at a certain task, then they should do that task and not just outsource that task to people who aren't good at it,'' Montoya says to

Williams chooses the wrong people

According to Montoya, the change of guard at Williams is not a good sign. The team lacks stability. In ten years Williams has had six different technical directors with Sam Michael, Mike Coughlan, Pat Symonds, Paddy Lowe, Patrick Head and now Jonathan Carter to lead and direct the technical team.

''Williams is desperate and started hiring people. They think they can solve the problems, but they forget to use the talents they already have. I hope they survive this, but a lot of money has to be put in to make something better out of it'', concludes the former Williams driver.

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