Binotto: "If Vettel went to Mercedes, I'd be happy for him"

07-06-2020 08:07
Binotto: If Vettel went to Mercedes, I'd be happy for him

It was a remarkable decision by Ferrari. Before the F1 season started, they announced that Sebastian Vettel would have to make way for Carlos Sainz at the end of the year. As a result, Vettel is driving all year round with the feeling that he can't add anything more for the team after all. Mattia Binotto has spoken out against La Stampa about that decision.

Binotto noticed that especially Mercedes had a lot to say about the decision of the Italian team. "I'm glad that Mercedes always has an opinion about us. I am surprised that they have not yet extended the contract with (Lewis) Hamilton. We would have done so much earlier. We have made that decision to be honest with Vettel", says Binotto.

Disappointment for our sport

"He also needs to start thinking about his future. We couldn't postpone the decision any longer. Our choice was the best for both parties." Binotto wouldn't mind if Vettel chooses to drive for Mercedes in 2021. "If Seb would go to Mercedes, I would be happy for him. He is a quadruple world champion and deserves a place on a top team".

Binotto also regrets Mercedes' decision to vote against reversed grids. "We missed a good chance. If you are going to ride a Grand Prix twice, you run the risk that the second will be a repeat of the first. We all have to make compromises in this period. We have thought about a new format, where nine out of ten teams were positive about the idea. One team rejected the idea. A disappointment for the fans and our sport," concluded Binotto.

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