Williams and McLaren in trouble: ''They just underperformed''

06-06-2020 08:57
by GPblog.com
Williams and McLaren in trouble: ''They just underperformed''

Williams and McLaren need investors, because the corona crisis has put the two historic teams in heavy weather. However, on the basis of the budget cap and investors, Ross Brawn hopes for better times.

Williams and McLaren in trouble

''Williams has a fantastic history, but Formula 1 is a hard sport. You're judged on jet performance on the track and that hasn't been good for Williams in recent years. You can't hide and we have to take this situation seriously. However, there are serious people watching to see if they can invest in Williams," Brawn says to Autosport.com.

However, Brawn has a weakness for the historic teams and hopes that Formula 1 goes in a direction where the unique teams of F1 history can also keep a place. McLaren, for example, is currently struggling with restructuring, which is causing problems for two illustrious teams.


''That's certainly not ideal, but we've done everything we can to help them. We just have to race again now. Both teams have had less performance in recent years, which puts them in this situation. If McLaren had won championships, the situation would have been very different. However, that this is how it should be says something about the state of Formula 1''.

According to Brawn, the F1 world is hard. ''Formula 1 is not a place you can go for a while. You have to perform to stay in it. If it were big teams that would leave, then you have to look at the sport and what's wrong with it, but now you just have to conclude that it's two teams that have underperformed'', concludes Brawn.

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