Comeback Wehrlein unlikely: "Doesn't want to drive in midfield"

03-06-2020 19:06
Comeback Wehrlein unlikely: Doesn't want to drive in midfield

He was one of the juniors at Mercedes with a great future. In the end his future wasn't in Formula 1, but in Formula E. Pascal Wehrlein entered the Manor in 2016 and in 2017 he drove for Sauber. In the end he didn't make an impression and had to look for a new challenge, looking back on that period Wehrlein doesn't expect a return to Formula 1.

"I won the DTM in 2015 and joined Manor in 2016", Wehrlein looks back with "We were two to four seconds slower because we only had 50 to 80 team members. Large teams have up to 1500 team members. You could clearly see where the differences came from". Because the performance was so disappointing and the hunger for success so great, points for the World Championship were not entirely special.

No satisfaction

"Somehow I wasn't happy with a tenth place," says Wehrlein about his tenth place in Austria in 2016. "It was mega crazy, everyone was surprised. We had left teams like Force India behind us". Wehrlein indicates that scoring points gives a good feeling, but not satisfaction. "An eighth place (his best result) is very good, but not the same as a podium or a win".

Wehrlein doesn't see himself returning to Formula 1 any time soon. "I'm not worried about Formula 1 anymore. Especially because I don't want to drive for a team in midfield or rear. I've been out of Formula 1 for three years now, so I just don't think about it anymore", Wehrlein said.

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