Norris gets into a Formula 3 car to get ready for the season

03-06-2020 07:14
by Editorial Team
Norris gets into a Formula 3 car to get ready for the season

From now on, Lando Norris won't keep it to sim racing alone. The Brit will soon be getting back into a formula car and karting will also have to ensure that Norris reappears sharp at the start of the season. has been informed that Norris will board a Formula 3 car at an as yet unknown location, in order to be able to test as much as possible before the start of the F1 season. After a long break the drivers could use some real racing again. Helmut Marko already revealed that Max Verstappen had raced in his own car.

No training

''It's important to be able to race a lot before the start of the season. It would be the biggest mistake to race again in Austria for the first time. Of course I won't be able to drive an F1 car before then, but I'll test in an F3 car and do some karting in the next few days'', says Norris in the interview.

Where a footballer can still hit the road with the ball himself, that is a lot more difficult for the drivers. ''There is only a limited number of things you can do. You can race in the simulator, go karting and test in other cars, but it's not all that easy to do. We're lucky in that respect that at least the tracks are open again," said the Brit.

Mentally very heavy

According to Norris it will not be easy to get back in the Formula 1 car. The drivers reach speeds they won't reach in any other car and the run-up to a race is also very special. Now that they have been out of the running for more than six months, they will have to rebuild it.

''It's very difficult to prepare mentally for racing in the F1 car. Of course it's not quite normal to do that with so many G-forces and you don't do that out of nowhere. However, I think that many drivers will be back to their old level soon enough'', Norris concludes hopefully.

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