Hamilton: "I'm completely overwhelmed by anger, sadness and disbelief"

02-06-2020 18:32
by Editorial Team
Hamilton: I'm completely overwhelmed by anger, sadness and disbelief

Last week George Floyd died completely unnecessarily because of police brutality. Since then, this has caused worldwide outrage and in the United States it has even led to riots and looting. Meanwhile, reactions continue to flood in and where Lewis Hamilton recently reacted to the events, he now uses Twitter again for a more comprehensive response.

It's being filmed

The Mercedes driver says in a message on Twitter that he has had a dark week in which he has let his emotions go. He is angry, sad and couldn't believe his eyes from what he saw. That has filled him with anger, because it has to end.

He also quotes Will Smith, who states that racism hasn't gotten any worse, but that it is being filmed now. This exposes how big the problem is in the United States, but also outside that country racism is still a problem.

Hamilton concludes by calling not to remain silent, but to let you know that racism must be completely eradicated. His message in full below.

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