Horner happy with hard lesson for Verstappen: ''He learned a lot from that''

01-06-2020 12:59
by GPblog.com
Horner happy with hard lesson for Verstappen: ''He learned a lot from that''

Max Verstappen, together with Lewis Hamilton, is currently regarded as the best drivers in Formula 1, but two years ago that was not yet the case. Christian Horner goes back in time.

"Experience just makes you a driver a lot better. Everybody keeps his racing skills and they will improve a little bit in the long run, but your characteristics will remain. However, Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen had to learn from their mistakes in the hard way. It's about learning from them then," says Horner in F1 Unscripted.

The moment for Verstappen

Verstappen also came across such a moment why he had to learn the hard way from his mistakes. "I remember Monaco in 2018. We had a really competitive car and Verstappen could have won there, but his crash in the third free practice threw a spanner in the works. However, he learned a lot from that and from Canada he achieved a special series of results," Horner says two years later.

That experience is also important for the team. ''As Verstappen gets older, he understands more and more about the car and what he wants. The feedback is getting better and better as a result. It's bizarre how easily those guys can remember what happened during a race'', concludes Horner.

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