Green praising underestimated driver: ''In that area, no one is better than him''

01-06-2020 12:15
Green praising underestimated driver: ''In that area, no one is better than him''

Sergio Perez is one of the most talented drivers in the smaller teams and is sometimes underestimated, but according to Andrew Green this is unjustified. The technical boss of Racing Point is full of praise about the Mexican.

Perez one of the best

''In my eyes, he's greatly underestimated. He's at the peak of his career and he continues to do an excellent job. His feedback is always great and his mentality in the car is very good. On Sunday he is one of the best as far as I'm concerned, especially when it comes to managing the tyres. I don't think anyone is better in that area'', says Green in the F1 podcast Beyond The Grid.

Green doesn't know exactly what makes him so good at managing those tyres. ''He just has a feeling for what he has to do in the corners to get the best out of his tyres. He knows all too well that Saturday is less of an issue for him, but that's also because he's doing everything he can to get a perfect setup for Sunday''.

Just too far

With stages and lots of points Perez certainly has the right to speak. At Sauber, McLaren and Force India/Racing Point Perez has impressed in his career. It's not always subtle, but the Mexican does perform at the most important moment and he puts everything aside for that throughout the weekend.

''He knows very well what he wants, but sometimes he takes it a step too far. Then he's so far behind that he can't fix it on Sunday. That seldom happens though'', concludes Green, who has been working together with Perez for years.

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