Horner satisfied with new regulations, but denounces opportunistic teams

30-05-2020 15:42
by GPblog.com
Horner satisfied with new regulations, but denounces opportunistic teams

Formula 1 and its teams have recently agreed that the new budget limit will be 145 million euros in the first year and will be reduced to 135 million euros in subsequent years. Red Bull Racing was against this at first, but Christian Horner is still happy that they were able to reach a compromise.

A number of teams, in particular McLaren and Renault, advocated an even lower budget ceiling of 100 million dollars. In his column for RedBull.com Horner shares his opinion about this proposal and he has an strong opinion. According to him, the 100 million was motivated by opportunism.

"There has been a lot of discussion, there were some extreme ideas tabled and a level of opportunism in some areas, but the teams have found a middle ground in most cases. We now have regulations we are comfortable with but there is still fine tuning required."

Horner, together with the other top teams, has thus been able to limit the damage, but this limit will also have major consequences for a team like Red Bull Racing. He therefore expects that the company will have to be cut back considerably. At the same time, he is still wondering whether these financial regulations can be enforced.

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