Webber began to lose his love for Red Bull as early as 2010

30-05-2020 14:32
by GPblog.com
Webber began to lose his love for Red Bull as early as 2010

Mark Webber was the experienced force at Red Bull Racing when Sebastian Vettel came over from sister team Toro Rosso in 2009. So the Australian could count on receiving at least equal treatment from the team. However, he soon became disillusioned.

Webber reveals in his autobiography that he began to lose his warm feelings for Red Bull as early as 2010. The collision with Vettel during the Turkish Grand Prix was the turning point. Now exactly ten years ago. Webber was very disappointed with the reaction of the team to this incident.

Webber could have finished the race while Vettel fell out due to the collision. You might think that Vettel would have to take the blame for the collision, because he was the attacking party, but to his surprise Webber saw on TV after the race that the German received a pat on the back from the team, including Christian Horner.

Marko is the boss

Webber already knew that Helmut gave priority to Vettel, but thought this shouldn't be a problem as long as team boss Horner was on his side. From the reaction on the pit wall Webber now concluded that it was actually Helmut Marko who was in control of Red Bull Racing.

That suspicion was confirmed for Webber when he was passed several times during that season when new parts became available. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the low point and Webber showed his displeasure to the world.

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