Verstappen is fair: "Zandvoort is a super circuit, but not my favourite"

30-05-2020 13:13 | Updated: 30-05-2020 13:13
Verstappen is fair: Zandvoort is a super circuit, but not my favourite

Max Verstappen says that Circuit Zandvoort has turned into an awesome circuit. He states this in the Q&A he did on the Instagram account of Radio538, in cooperation with G-Star RAW.


The Red Bull Racing driver remains honest: "Spa is just my favourite circuit, but that doesn't detract from Zandvoort. Of course that is also a very challenging circuit. I have to say that with the new changes it really is a super circuit. But my favourite circuit remains Spa."

Right team

Verstappen said something else which was very interesting. The Dutchman gets the statement 'if I don't become a world champion, my career is worth nothing'. Verstappen reacts immediately: "Incorrect. You also have to be lucky to end up with the right team. I wouldn't say my career is worth nothing if I never become world champion."

Verstappen said before that he thinks Red Bull is the right team for him. He says he has no intention of ever leaving Red Bull.

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