An F1 season without a British GP: "That shouldn't be allowed"

28-05-2020 19:27 | Updated: 28-05-2020 19:31
by Editorial Team
An F1 season without a British GP: That shouldn't be allowed

Originally the plan was to race at Silverstone after the two races in Austria. However, that plan has been called into question because of the British corona measures and the latest reports suggest that the race will take place in August. If so, then Sir Jackie Stewart can breathe a sigh of relief.

A mistake

The triple world champion states in the latest In The Pink podcast that the British Grand Prix is of great value for Formula 1. A Formula 1 season without a British Grand Prix: "That shouldn't be allowed", says Stewart, hoping the race will continue in Great Britain. Moreover, Stewart believes that the British Grand Prix should be a permanent fixture on the calendar.

This is mainly based on the history of Formula 1 on the track. It has been driven since 1950 and "that's why you should always stay at Silverstone. You have to acknowledge it's history." That's why it would be a "mistake" if there was no race. He also says that a race without an audience is a pity, but that falls into the category 'rather something than nothing'.

For now it looks like Silverstone will host a race in the championship anyway this year. The main thing that is unclear is the date and that depends on how the government looks at events. Stewart in any case fervently hopes that it can go ahead, because losing the Grand Prix would be a "disaster for motor racing".

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