Rumour: 'Wolff and Stroll want to take over Mercedes F1 together'

28-05-2020 16:37 | Updated: 28-05-2020 16:41
Rumour: 'Wolff and Stroll want to take over Mercedes F1 together'

According to Autobild Mercedes and Toto Wolff will split up after this year but Lawrence Stroll and the Austrian would like to take a majority stake in Mercedes. With which they will take over the team together, according to the normally well-informed magazine

A wild rumor from Germany. Wolff and Lawrence Stroll want to take over the Mercedes Formula 1 branch together. The current team boss already has a share in the team and now he would consider a complete takeover together with the Canadian. Wolff wouldn't want to leave the team.

Mercedes in current form would then no longer exist

This would take place through a share swap between Stroll and Mercedes. Stroll's shares in Aston martin would be converted into Mercedes shares. Then together they would own 55% of the shares. The team would no longer be involved as Mercedes AMG and would only remain involved as an engine supplier.

Both Auto Bild and F1insider come out with this message. Chances are that the team will still be called Aston Martin and they will drive the engines of Mercedes. Mercedes hasn't responded yet.

Wolff would have already indicated that he has doubts about his role in the team. There wouldn't be a successor yet because first we have to see what will happen with the Formula 1 branch at all and if the takeover will come.

Wolff is seen as one of the founders of success. Since 2014 Mercedes and Wolff have won all championships. It is also no secret that Wolff and Hamilton are able to work well together, so the future of Hamilton may also go hand in hand with the future of the man from Vienna. The Britishman has also openly admitted more times that he likes to work with Wolff.

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