Marko knows his place and won't insist: "There's still time."

28-05-2020 15:51
Marko knows his place and won't insist: There's still time.

Helmut Marko reacts partly satisfied with the decision of the Austrian government to give a decision about Grand Prix early July after the weekend. On Thursday it was announced that the Minister of Health in Austria will take a decision next Tuesday about the continuation of the Grand Prix. Also the start of the new Formula 1 season.

Next Tuesday the decision about the start of the new Formula 1 season will be made. That decision is not in the hands of the FIA or the FOM, but in the hands of the Austrian government. If the decision turns out to be in favour of Formula 1, there will still be enough time to set up the event, according to Marko.

"It's still going to go. It would really be better to have an idea before the weekend which direction it is heading in, but we don't want to insist". The advisor of Red Bull knows his place.

Good advertising for Austria

Marko clearly recognizes the importance of the decision: "It would be the first major sporting event to get permission since the lockdown in the country because of the pandemic". In addition, the Austrian thinks the country would not be any worse off: "It would be huge advertising for Austria as a tourist destination, and also for the government," said the 77-year-old.

If permission is granted, we can immediately prepare for a double confrontation on the circuit. Both on 5 July and 12 July the Red Bull ring will be ridden.


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