'Russian billionaire Mazepin contemplates acquisition of Renault'

26-05-2020 15:51
by Editorial Team
'Russian billionaire Mazepin contemplates acquisition of Renault'

Earlier the French government ringed the alarmbells about Renault, which would now be in heavy weather because of the corona pandemic. Should it come to this point that the French car manufacturer needs government support, there is a good chance that the Formula 1 team will be killed. After all, in many cases this will cost more than the financial benefits. If the situation arises that the team goes on sale, there may already be a buyer.


The Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport writes that the Russian billionaire Dmitry Mazepin would be interested in taking over the team from the car manufacturer. Mazepin has acquainted himself with the financial situation and he could act as an investor for the team. That in a similar way as Lawrence Stroll did at Racing Point.

Mazepin will not want to take over the team without reason. His son, Nikita Mazepin, is active in motorsport and this could be a nice entrance to a Formula 1 team for him. Last year Mazepin junior competed in Asian Formula 3 where he was quite successful with one victory. However, he doesn't have enough super license points yet, but that could follow.

La Gazetta dello Sport does state that Mazepin would very often emerge as potentially interested. So far nothing concrete has emerged and of course the first question is how the situation at Renault will develop at all and if it will come to a necessary sale.

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