Massa aware of Schumacher's condition: "I am praying for his return"

25-05-2020 19:23 | Updated: 25-05-2020 19:31
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Massa aware of Schumacher's condition: I am praying for his return

It is now six and a half years ago that seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher ended up in a tragic skiing accident. The German's family still lets very little out about his situation. Former F1 driver Felipe Massa was recently visiting and now is praying for his recovery. The Brazilian talks about a difficult phase.

The situation surrounding the legendary driver has been unclear for years. This is largely due to the family of the German who like to keep things private. Only a handful of people are allowed to visit Schumacher in Switzerland.

Former teammate and good friend of the family, Felipe Massa, recently visited his former Ferrari colleague. To Fox Sports the Brazilian explains: "I know how he is doing. It is not an easy situation and he is in a difficult phase".

Along the track at Mick Schumacher's

Massa continues: "We must now make sure we respect his family. They don't want to provide information, so who am I to do that?"

"I dream and pray every day that he'll get better and show up at the track. Especially now that his son is also a racing driver. I pray it will happen again someday."

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