'New engines from 2025, but until then restrictions on engine development'

25-05-2020 13:06 | Updated: 25-05-2020 15:36
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'New engines from 2025, but until then restrictions on engine development'

In 2014, V6-hybrid engines made their appearance in Formula 1, but these hybrid engines won't stay in the sport for to long. According to Racefans.net, there will be new engine regulations in Formula 1 in 2025.

New engines

According to the generally reliable Racefans.net, new engine regulations will be introduced by Formula 1 from 2025, but in order to save as much as possible on development costs in the meantime, Formula 1 also wants to set some rules for the new engines in Formula 1.

The current V6 engines have come to a point where the manufacturers are close to each other. That is why F1 wants to limit the development of the engine from 2021 onwards. Engine manufacturers will only be allowed to design a new engine, turbo and MGU-H for the car once a year from 2021 onwards. More can be used, but that's the same specification. In the following year a new model can be introduced.

Even more rules

For the MGU-K, energy storage and control electronics, the rules are even stricter. Manufacturers are only allowed to design one specification every two seasons. In addition, the teams must ensure that the modification to the engine does not have too great an impact on integration with the car.

With new engines from 2025, Formula 1 is already planning ahead. In the next few years teams will be able to save money on their engine development, so that money is not wasted in the battle for victory, while new regulations are also around the corner.

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