Organization Russian Grand Prix wants to organize first race with public

25-05-2020 08:45
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Organization Russian Grand Prix wants to organize first race with public

After Japan, Russia is now also letting us know that it would like to organize a Grand Prix with an audience. Where the first races in Europe are still without an audience, Russia wants to organize a race with an audience.

According to a recent interview with the promoter of the Russian Grand Prix, Alexey Titov. The Russian Grand Prix was scheduled for September 27th and according to Titov the race will still take place that weekend. Where the European races have to race without an audience, people in Russia want something different.

Race with public

"Our race is the first serious chance for a race with an audience. Of course we don't know yet what the situation will be like in September, but our dates are still unchanged. All those schedules that are now in the round is just speculating. Only one thing is certain and that is that they want to race in Austria at the beginning of July'', says Titov.

What will happen after those two races in Austria is still a big question mark. The new regulation in the United Kingdom to keep travellers in quarantine keeps Formula 1 from going to Silverstone and other circuits are not an easy refuge either. So for the time being we stick to Austria and are waiting for the official calendar to be published.

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