'Vettel can be a great asset to Stroll's plans with Aston Martin'

23-05-2020 18:00
by GPblog.com
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'Vettel can be a great asset to Stroll's plans with Aston Martin'

As of next season, Racing Point will go through life as the Aston Martin F1 Team in Formula 1. The British team will stick with the Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll duo for 2021, which means that Sebastian Vettel, who is still available, will again have one less race stable to lead next year. According to David Coulthard that might be a missed opportunity.

Lawrence Stroll is the owner of Aston Martin, and the billionaire has recently made no secret of his ambitions. They want to seriously challenge Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari for podiums and eventually even for the world title. However, the question is whether that is possible with Perez and Stroll behind the wheel.

Vettel the perfect man for Aston Martin?

"Lawrence Stroll’s got big designs of future success for Aston Martin, and at this stage of his career (Vettel) could well be a brilliant asset in a team like that, in terms of knowledge and experience of Red Bull, knowledge and experience of Ferrari.” Coulthard said this week at F1 Nation.

Things can get weird in Formula 1, so the former Formula 1 driver doesn't rule out Vettel joining the Aston Martin team in the long run. Nor does the four-time world champion have many other options. "I used to take the view of, if you could imagine it in Formula 1, it was possible. So if somebody during my career had come to me and said, ‘Bernie Ecclestone has bought Ferrari and he’s put himself in as number one driver’, it could happen! It would have been extremely unlikely, but never bet against anything in this industry”, Coulthard concludes his story.

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