Silverstone hopes ticket holders won't ask for refunds

23-05-2020 13:23 | Updated: 23-05-2020 13:27
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Silverstone hopes ticket holders won't ask for refunds

As of June 8th, the corona measures will be tightened again in Great Britain, this while the whole Formula 1 world is so eager to start all over again. The Grand Prix at Silverstone will be held without fans in the stands anyway, if it is actually held in the end.

Without audience

The Grand Prix of Great Britain is normally one of the best visited races on the calendar, but due to the coronavirus the race will certainly not be held with an audience this year. However, due to the new rules of the government, the Grand Prix will be even more endangered.

ITV is able to report that the members of the British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC) are concerned about the survival of the race. Members of the BRDC include Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and many other British motorsport heroes.

Letter from the Chairman

John Grant, chairman of the BRDC, has let it be known in a letter that a number of members have asked how much the club needs the money. He also writes the following: "There is no question that 2020, after looking promising only a couple of months ago, will now be a very difficult year for the club. We are fortunate to have entered the coronavirus crisis in the strongest position we have been in for years but, in any likely scenario, we will lose a lot of money this year."

It is not known how many people have asked to pay back a ticket, but the total can be up to £29 million. This is because Silverstone's latest accounts say that the British Grand Prix generates about half of the revenue, which came to £58m in 2018.

In his letter to members, Grant said: "We currently have cash, our bank will support us and, with the help of the government-sponsored furloughing scheme and rates holiday, we are confident we can get through it but, like a lot of businesses, we are having to be very careful about minimising costs and conserving cash."

Help from members

In the letter Grant asks the members to help by not asking for a refund of tickets they have already bought for this year's British Grand Prix. He added that it would be much appreciated if members wanted to keep the 2020 guest passes to support the club's finances.

If this is not the case, members can request that their 2020 guest passes be exchanged for 2021 guest passes at no extra cost, rather than asking for a refund.

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