Domenicali: "Sainz must prepare for the pressure of Ferrari"

22-05-2020 11:22
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Domenicali: Sainz must prepare for the pressure of Ferrari

With the many rumours now going around, everyone is making a contribution in terms of expectations and predictions. Also ex-Ferrari boss and current CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali. With the arrival of Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, there will be another Spaniard in the red car after Fernando Alonso. A good progress, but this brings a lot of pressure.

Help from Alonso

"The marriage between Ferrari and Spain is something very important", says Domenicali at AS, "First with Fernando and now with Carlos Sainz. It is a new opportunity for a Spanish driver to become champion with Ferrari." This after having failed with Alonso before, in addition, Ferrari is very eager to grab another title since it is now more than a decade ago.

"Carlos is very strong, both on the track and mentally. If you are the son of a world champion and you come in Formula 1, you have to be very good. It is important that he prepares well this year to withstand the pressure at Ferrari." With which Domenicali points out that the expectations will be even higher for the Spanish driver.

He also sees a role for Alonso in this: "I think Alonso is going to help him a lot in the adaptation at this point. Fernando and Carlos are very good friends and I think they can pass on their experience to him together with his father (Sainz senior)." Also because Alonso has already driven at Ferrari and knows the area very well.

"This year he and Lando Norris have already improved a lot at McLaren, but there is still a year to go until 2021 and he has to stay focused. He will need time to get to know the team, Charles Leclerc and to form a good relationship with him. He has all the cards to play a good role at Ferrari."

Become a champion

Whether Carlos Sainz can become champion in the Ferrari, however, remains to be seen. That depends very much on all kinds of factors and those are not only due to the driver. "I think we have to be calm and careful. To become world champion you have to have a great car, because you can't win on your own. It is very important that there is a good relationship between the drivers and the team, but the most important thing is to have a competitive car."

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