Doubt at Mercedes? "They'll wait a long time with the new contracts''

21-05-2020 08:09 | Updated: 21-05-2020 12:33
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Doubt at Mercedes? They'll wait a long time with the new contracts''

With the departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, a complete driver's carousel was set in motion for 2021, while the season has yet to begin in 2020. However, the question now is what Mercedes does, but they remain remarkably quiet.

Long Waiting

At least that's Timo Glock's opinion. The former F1 driver speaks in a podcast from about the situation of the Germans, who would now also have an eye on Sebastian Vettel. That move would of course be very clever from a marketing point of view, but the question is whether it is the right choice in terms of sport?

''I do wonder why Mercedes is taking so much time announcing these new contracts. I can remember that in my time it was much faster with those contracts, while now it's all pretty quiet'", says the driver who competed for Toyota team among others.

What does Daimler do?

Mercedes is more often the team that completes the contracts later and also with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas nothing is known at the moment. It is clear that Mercedes would like to continue with Hamilton, but what does the Brit want? Bottas will first have to prove himself again in 2020, before he has a chance of getting a place before 2021.

''Of course, it's a bit of looking into crystal ball, because maybe they've already had the talks and are now in a final phase. Mercedes is also looking at what Daimler is doing, because in the long run they can pull the plug on the whole project'', concludes the man to whom Hamilton still owes his title in 2008.

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