Windsor praising Verstappen: ''Great how he can drive that car''

20-05-2020 07:16
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Windsor praising Verstappen: ''Great how he can drive that car''

Peter Windsor is an expert in the field of vehicle control for drivers. In the finest details he can see whether a driver reacts or directs in the car and one of those drivers who falls in the last category is Max Verstappen.

Verstappen up to a world title?

The Formula 1 season of 2020 seems to start in Austria on the Red Bull Ring and in a new video by the former Williams team manager, Windsor speaks out about the chances of Verstappen. According to Windsor, Verstappen may have everyone's best papers to become world champion in these conditions.

''The start in Austria is a good chance for Verstappen to win immediately and the advantage is that Red Bull Racing will be good there. Verstappen has a good chance of winning the world title if you ask me. Max is perfectly positioned to seize the title this year and may have done better than Lewis Hamilton'', says Windsor.

Leclerc, Hamilton and Verstappen

Windsor excels in his analyses mostly in details about the driving style of the drivers. He is very charmed by Hamilton, Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. ''In my idea Verstappen is of the same level as Leclerc and Hamilton. All three have the gift of not reacting in the car, but being able to determine very manipulative where the car should go. Those drivers know in advance what's going to happen and that's what makes them so big,'' says Windsor, who bases that on what he has seen with his own eyes for years along the track in various curves.

According to Windsor there is a big chance for Verstappen to win the title this year. ''It's increasingly difficult for Lewis to put everything aside and just be a racer. He's doing more and more things next to it and that's going to be too much for once. It's very interesting to see that at the start of the season. Max doesn't have that. His whole life consists of racing,'' concludes Windsor.

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