Ferrari too much for Vettel? "Fine feeling, but connected with pressure"

18-05-2020 16:47 | Updated: 18-05-2020 17:36
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Ferrari too much for Vettel? Fine feeling, but connected with pressure

Because the corona crisis makes it even more difficult for the outside world to get in touch with Ferrari and its drivers, it is even more guesswork for the real reasons for the departure of Sebastian Vettel than usual. Was the pressure too much for him last year?

Former Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello speculates about this in the podcast F1-Nation. He knows better than anyone what it's like to deal with expectations at Ferrari and also how difficult that can be. For six years he stood at the Scuderia in the shadow of Michael Schumacher and every year he was expected to win races.

"Ferrari is just above everything, it's the top organization, but also the excitement. But as great as it is to be at Ferrari, to be in Italy, to feel this attitude to life, the pressure is just as great".

Vettel also has a lot of emotions

Michael Schumacher didn't suffer at all in his time and his emotions were always in control. Vettel has shown several times in recent years that he is not as cool a frog as his idol. Barrichello thinks that Vettel might have been too eager to answer the love of the fans.

"They gather there at the gates just to see you. It's a love you can barely understand. It's such a nice feeling, but it's also connected to so much pressure. He's German, so he keeps a cool head when needed, but he also has a lot of emotions. There's always pressure and most of it's in your head."

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