Ricciardo about Schumacher: "Don't think he was the fastest driver ever"

17-05-2020 15:28 | Updated: 17-05-2020 16:51
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo about Schumacher: Don't think he was the fastest driver ever

Daniel Ricciardo believes that the ideal rider does not exist. Instead, he prefers to list several top drivers who all resemble the ideal driver in order to create a composition of one ideal rider.


Formula1.nl was in talks with the Australian driver who announced Thursday that he will be racing for McLaren from 2021. First on his list of drivers he mentions Michael Schumacher, but only because of how tenacious and persistent he is. "I don't think he was the fastest driver ever", says Ricciardo.

Whoever appears to be Ricciardo's ideal driver is Alain Prost. "Next on my list is Alain Prost's intelligence, combined with his pure speed. And then Senna's will to win every race at all costs."

Surprising last choice

Ricciardo ends with a remarkable last choice and that is mainly because this driver was very easy to be fast in several classes. "Finally, Mario Andretti's ability to move smoothly and without problems from one Formula class to another, as he did when he traded Indycars for Formula 1", Ricciardo concludes.

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