Leclerc and Norris help with latest F1 2020 game from Codemasters

14-05-2020 08:42
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Leclerc and Norris help with latest F1 2020 game from Codemasters

The Formula 1 game of Codemasters is generally not taken very seriously by the real drivers because of its realism. For example, Max Verstappen refuses to play the game, but that may change.

Test phase

Now that the F1 game is being played by many Formula 1 drivers, Codemasters also gets a lot of feedback from the drivers. Which things are not right, what could be better and what is missing in the current simulation. was already allowed to play the game and could also ask some questions to the top man of Codemasters, Lee Mather.

''Normally drivers come to us with feedback, but now that's a lot and that's only good. During the virtual Grands Prix we pay very close attention to the comments of the real drivers, to find out what could be better about our simulation," says Mather.

Help from Norris and Leclerc

For example, it became clear on Wednesday that the ERS system will be up and running in F1 2020 and that is a result of the feedback. ''Lando Norris told us that it was not realistic at all. Drivers are not at all as busy with ERS as we had in the game. The team already set up a mapping prior to the race and they only have access to an 'overtake' button'', says Mather who has now implemented the same system in the new game.

''Leclerc also came to us with some feedback about the circuits and the steerability of the car. Then you can not only adjust the tyres, but based on his feedback we have been able to improve the circuit and steerability of the cars very much, making F1 2020 even more realistic'', concludes Mather.

F1 2020 will be available from 10 July for different platforms.

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