Internet bursts after Vettel news: ''This isn't about a pension''

12-05-2020 08:58
by Editorial Team
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Internet bursts after Vettel news: ''This isn't about a pension''

The departure of Sebastian Vettel was not a complete surprise for people, but the timing was unexpected. On the internet the reactions are massive and there are still many differences of opinion.

On Monday night, the rumor spread around the world. Several sources reported that Ferrari would announce on Tuesday that Vettel would not renew his contract with Ferrari. However, it remains a rumour and so many people are still quiet. The real news still came in hard.

They already saw it coming

For example, there are many people who regret that Vettel leaves Ferrari. For the press, Vettel is always a cheerful man who generally dares to share his opinion. A sociable German who is also very concerned about his own, but also about other people's families. It doesn't remain superficial, but can also be profound with the German.

The other side of the reaction, however, is the understanding. Most people saw this coming. Ferrari wants to go a different way with Charles Leclerc and Vettel doesn't fit in that picture. Not for Ferrari, but also not for Vettel himself. So the reactions are a bit divergent, but the best reactions you can read below.

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