Verstappen must settle for third place at the Nürburgring

11-05-2020 07:46 | Updated: 11-05-2020 07:49
by Editorial Team
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Verstappen must settle for third place at the Nürburgring

Max Verstappen is clearly not sitting still during the coronavirus, because on Sunday the Dutchman took part in another simrace. This time two hour race in the BMW SIM 120 CUP for Team Redline.

Together with Maximilian Benecke Verstappen stepped in under the name Team Redline Black. Benecke was allowed to start from fifth place, but immediately lost several positions. However, after fifteen minutes Verstappen's team mate had made up for it and the team was in third place. However, this wouldn't stay that way.

Verstappen was short

After an hour all teams had to change drivers and Verstappen took over the car with the number 73. The frontrunners of BS Competition weren't necessarily faster than the Dutchman, but Verstappen couldn't bridge the gap either. That got stuck at fifteen seconds.

Team Redline Black finally finished in a neat third place with which another 300 dollars could be credited to the bank account of Verstappen. The next race in the BMW SIM 120 CUP is only July 5th, at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

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