Maldonado about Verstappen: "Think media has been too harsh for Max"

10-05-2020 08:42
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Maldonado about Verstappen: Think media has been too harsh for Max

Pastor Maldonado spent a total of five seasons in Formula 1 for Williams and Lotus, taking one Grand Prix victory. That is considerably less than the eight victories that Max Verstappen has to his name after as many years. Maldonado therefore calls what the Dutchman has already achieved 'not normal'

"Max is very fast", let Maldonado know in front of The Venezuelan is of the opinion that Verstappen at the age of seventeen was severely affected by public opinion. "I think the media were a bit too strict for him in the beginning. It's normal that a boy who drives Formula 1 at the age of eighteen makes mistakes".

The 35-year old drivers are deeply impressed by what Verstappen has managed to do in his first five seasons in Formula 1. "What is not normal is his speed and what he has achieved so far", Maldonado praises. He expects that the Red Bull Racing driver can still improve and grow a lot. "Not only as a driver but also as a person. So you have to give him a little more time".

Maldonado praises Verstappen

With Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Alexander Albon, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon and George Russell many talented drivers have entered Formula 1 in recent years. "But if I have to choose someone from the new generation, I think Max is the strongest. Look at his results. He had Daniel Ricciardo, a very strong driver, as a team mate and was immediately at the same level. That says a lot about how good he is."

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