MotoGP submits official request to start the season at the end of July

07-05-2020 12:23
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MotoGP submits official request to start the season at the end of July

Formula 1 is busy planning for the start of the season at the beginning of May, but it is not the only racing class that wants to start again. MotoGP has now also submitted an official request for the first two races.

Jerez the beginning

Just like Formula 1, MotoGP has also come to a standstill due to the coronavirus and no race has been held yet. Where Formula 1 aims for a start at the beginning of July with the Austrian Grand Prix, the engine class looks just a little further. Promotor Dorna wants at least twelve races for a solid championship and will have to start somewhere.

The organiser has now submitted an official request to the Spanish government to organise two races at the Jerez circuit on Sunday 19 July and Sunday 26 July. The circuit in Spain will then be used for two races in a row, just like the Red Bull Ring for Formula 1, so that the whole circus does not have to move immediately.

Multiple starts

In Dorna's press release it also became clear that the first race will 'just' be held under the Grand Prix of Spain, where the second will be held as the Grand Prix of Andalusia. With this the organization also wants to give the region of Andalusia a boost with the race in Jerez.

After the MotoGP Dorna also wants to start the World Superbike Championship on the circuit of Jerez, but that will happen in the weekend of August 2nd. All races will be held behind closed doors and the organization will take care of the images. All media will not be welcome on the circuit, just like in Formula 1.

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