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Raikkonen 16 days drunk between two GPs: Beer less dangerous than sport

Raikkonen 16 days drunk between two GPs: "Beer less dangerous than sport"

04-05-2020 19:19 Last update: 23:33


The biography 'The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen' is full of beautiful anecdotes about the Formula 1 driver. One of them is that the Finnish driver has been drunk for no less than sixteen days between two Grands Prixs during his career in the king's class of motor racing.

That Raikkonen is not averse to a sip of alcohol we saw during the FIA gala of 2018 when he staggered a little on stage when receiving his prize. In 2013 the now 40 year old Raikkonen got drunk for sixteen consecutive days between the Grand Prix of Bahrain and the Grand Prix of Spain.

Raikkonen was riding for Lotus at that time. In his book he says: "I can't remember well about those 16 days. Half the things people had to tell me. We had just been through Europe and had a bit of fun. It wasn't the first time, and it was normal for us. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with that story. What's wrong with it? There's nothing wrong with it. That was pretty normal, and it happened all the time. It wasn't the only time I did something like that. I had fun," said Raikkonen.

Theory of Raikkonen

Raikkonen believes that drinking helps and explains that thought behind it. "There are many theories that prove it, you fly better after you've had fun. To others, it may sound a little strange, but to me it was normal before. I'm getting old. Sport is dangerous, I've always said it's more dangerous than drinking beer. Normally, if you drink, you don't get injured, you just have a hangover", he concludes.

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