FIA does not want 'turf wars' between racing seriesafter corona crisis

02-05-2020 16:41 | Updated: 02-05-2020 16:45
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FIA does not want 'turf wars' between racing seriesafter corona crisis

Should the racing season start again later this year, there will be many racing classes that will finish many races in a very short period of time. To ensure that there is room for that, the FIA believes that even the biggest events will have to share their weekend.

"It will be a hugely competitive and potentially very busy period, and in a sense that's what we're hoping for," said FIA vice president Graham Stoker in an interview with the AUTO, the internal magazine of the motor racing federation.

"It's crucial that we prioritise the staging of events. What would be counter-productive would be to get involved in turf wars. Let's not get involved in disputes about who has got which slot and what prior agreements might specify. That approach will not work."

Motorsport 'super weekends'

According to Stoker, it is a priority that racing takes place at all, so it is inevitable that so-called 'super weekends' will take place in which several major races are held in one weekend.

For example, it could very well be that the 24 Hours of Le Mans coincides with a race in both Formula 1 and MotoGP. Also the biggest motorsport event in the world, the Indianapolis 500, is planned in that period and may fall on the same day due to shifts.

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