Grosjean about Raikonnen and Alonso: "This is what makes both drivers special"

27-04-2020 15:41
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Grosjean about Raikonnen and Alonso: This is what makes both drivers special

Romain Grosjean has revealed his story about all the teammates he has had in his Formula 1 career. The Frenchman has been able to be in one team with several world champions and he has been able to learn a lot from these drivers. In an interview with the official F1 account on Instagram he talks about the things he learned from his former teammates.

Grosjean has been in a team with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, among others, and he indicates what he has learned from both. "Surprisingly, I learned a lot from Fernando and Kimi in the same way," Grosjean says. "I started in Formula 1 next to Alonso and then came back next to Raikkonen".

All the balls on the race

According to Grosjean, one thing that was very important was what both drivers had in common. "They didn't care whether they were fast or slow in free practice. They prepared the car for the race". Grosjean says in the interview that he learned this mainly from the drivers, and that he still uses it.

He also had something to say about his current team mate at Haas, Kevin Magnussen. "He is very fast and hard to beat. He's a real Viking, he never gives up. I wasn't always satisfied with him before he became my teammate. But when he's on the same team, you know, he likes to fight for points just as much. That's great."

Grosjean didn't want to say much about the collisions between him and Magnussen. "Yes, we had a few collisions last year, but we talked about it and changed our way of driving against each other," Grosjean said.

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