Gasly and Kvyat followed the same route: "Podium at Red Bull Racing is a must."

25-04-2020 13:44 | Updated: 25-04-2020 13:55
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Gasly and Kvyat followed the same route: Podium at Red Bull Racing is a must.

Both Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly were briefly given the chance to prove themselves at Red Bull Racing and were eventually both returned to Toro Rosso. A degradation that was hard to accept. As teammates under the new name AlphaTauri they are trying to revive their Formula 1 career.

Kvyat saw his career at Red Bull Racing come to an end after a series of boisterous actions at the start of the 2016 season. Helmut Marko did not hesitate for a moment and chose to replace the Russian with the then 18-year-old Max Verstappen. The rest is history as they say

No special bond between Kvyat and Gasly

However, his stint with the big Red Bull team was not entirely without success for Kvyat. In 2015 he scored more points than teammate Daniel Ricciardo over the whole season and at the beginning of 2016 he also achieved a nice podium place. That this wasn't enough says a lot about the exceptional performance required of a driver at Red Bull Racing and why he was able to enjoy his podium finish with Toro Rosso in the German Grand Prix more.

"It's a must at Red Bull to get on the podium. For Toro Rosso, the last podium was 11 years ago, so that makes that cup a lot more valuable for reaching the podium," he said in the Vodcast of Sky Sports F1.

He gets company from teammate Gasly in the vodcast. Who was less successful at Red Bull and had to go mainly because of his poor performance compared to the same Verstappen. The fact that the two had to take a step back in a similar way, however, does not create a special bond, according to Gasly.

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