Future of Haas: ''I think we're gonna stay in the sport''

21-04-2020 06:51
by GPblog.com
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Future of Haas: ''I think we're gonna stay in the sport''

Now that the coronavirus has caused Formula 1 to grind to a halt, several teams get into trouble. Haas is one of those teams, but Günther Steiner doesn't want to worry yet.

Now that the teams in F1 no longer have any income from the television and prize money, there appears to be a lot wrong with the current system. Without races, the teams have enormous costs without a single source of income. Small teams like Haas are the first to fall over, but according to Steiner they don't have to worry yet.

Haas wants to stay

"I think we're gonna stay in the sport. Of course there are a lot of scenarios, but with the current plan to ride eighteen races we are good. I talk to Gene Haas almost every day and he wants to stay involved with the team," says Steiner in the 'Vodcast' of Sky Sports. However, things have to change according to Haas' team boss.

''We have to work diligently and the budget cap is an important part of that. If it's implemented properly in the future, we can also be competitive. If we can then draw up a plan that will enable us to solve the financial problems in the long term, then Gene is also satisfied and would like to continue racing'', concludes Steiner.

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