Horner doesn't have to switch to Ferrari: "That doesn't apply to me"

17-04-2020 06:00
by GPblog.com
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Horner doesn't have to switch to Ferrari: That doesn't apply to me

Christian Horner is well in place at Red Bull Racing and does not feel the need to switch to Ferrari. The 46-year-old Briton announces that he has big plans with his Austrian team and he is also going to contract Adrian Newey in 2007.

"I can't introduce myself to another team", Horner puts in the podcast In the Pink. Many drivers dream of being able to defend the red colours of Ferrari in Formula 1, but for Horner a switch to the illustrious team from Maranello isn't necessarily necessary. "At least not for me. I don't speak Italian either", he laughs.

Horner is having a good time at Red Bull

Horner has been working for Red Bull in Formula 1 for more than fifteen years now and that doesn't bore him for a moment. "I enjoy the group I work with. It has been a great journey so far, but of course, i've been involved from the start", says the Brit, who notes a tremendous amount of energy within his formation. "We've got a great group, I enjoy it."

Horner personally contracted Adrian Newey by organizing a dinner party. It turned out to be a golden move for Red Bull, as the top designer won four world titles with the Milton Keynes team. "I've always been a fan of Adrian's cars and I've always followed his career. His cars were a form of art," Horner is still impressed.

Before Christian was appointed team boss of the Red Bull Formula 1 team, he had his own team in Formula 3000. He was very successfull and took that same philosophy with him to the royal class of motorsport. "That philosophy was to bring in the best engineers. That was Adrian to me."

To do that, Newey had to leave the McLaren team. "We knew he wasn't necessarily happy there. With Newey on the team, everyone was going to take us seriously: "Oh they've got Adrian, wow, they've got serious intentions."

Horner won't be team boss in F1 for another fifteen years.

So Horner has already spent fifteen years there: "But I have no expectations to be here for another 15 years", Horner immediately breaks in. "The main focus is getting this team back in a winning position. I believe we can achieve a lot more. Im still very driven", said the CEO of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon, referring to the eight world titles that Red Bull currently owns. These are the four individual titles of Sebastian Vettel and the corresponding four manufacturer titles from 2010 to 2013.

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