"Red Bull is a lot less powerful without the mighty Mercedes behind them"

09-04-2020 19:48
by Editorial Team
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Red Bull is a lot less powerful without the mighty Mercedes behind them

Jean Todt indicated on Thursday that he was not able to reveal the details of what has been agreed between the FIA and Ferrari about the illegal Italian engine that was driven during the 2019 season. Marc Priestley considers it a meaningless interview and puts the FIA and its top man in its place.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, the former McLaren employee and former Sky Sports journalist sketches the situation once again: "Todt reports that his hands are tied and he can't say anything. He says he would like to tell what happened and what punishment has actually been handed out, but he says that Ferrari would not like that".

FIA will have to endure it

Priestley doesn't care about that. The Brit does have a message for the international motorsport federation. "But Jean and the FIA; the whole reason why Ferrari forbids you to say anything is because you gave them that option in the deal you made together", he counters.

Due to the situation of the corona virus, the storm over last year's illegal Ferrari engine has gone something. Nevertheless, Red Bull Racing has already indicated not to abandon the fight. The Austrian formation of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon will be assisted by AlphaTauri, Williams, Renault, McLaren and Racing Point. Strikingly enough Mercedes is no longer there. The world champion was initially spokesman for the club that had turned against Ferrari and the FIA, but suddenly withdrew.

What can Red Bull do without Mercedes?

That had everything to do with the fact that the parent company of Mercedes had told Toto Wolff to withdraw (allegedly for political reasons). "It's going to be interesting to see how that story develops. Red Bull says they want to continue, but they are a lot less firm without the powerful Mercedes behind them", concludes Priestley..

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