Red Bull and Ferrari under attack: ''They should not be afraid to fight''

09-04-2020 09:30
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Red Bull and Ferrari under attack: ''They should not be afraid to fight''

Ross Brawn and Zak Brown joined Sky Sports' 'Vodcast' to talk to Simon Lazenby and Martin Brundle about the situation in Formula 1. The budget cap was discussed and the competition was not spared.

Red Bull works against budget cap

So late it became clear earlier that Ferrari and Red Bull Racing did not have such a need for a lower budget cap. The budget cap was set at 175 million dollars, but the teams all want to go down. 150 million dollars was agreed as a new target, but eight teams want lower than that. Ferrari and Red Bull, however, work against that.

Now Brown has also indirectly confirmed this in talks with Sky Sports. "Daimler thinks very well about the future of the sport, so then you can guess which teams remain", says Brown with a smile on his face. ''I get it too, because those teams have an ideal marketing platform and don't want to give that up just like that''.

Brown not happy with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing

Still, Brown hopes that the teams will want to go into battle. "Look at IndyCar. Penske has the same car as the rest, but still wins most of the races. So the top teams will always win the most races, because they can attract the best staff and drivers. The difference, however, lies in the difference from head to tail. In F1 it's huge and in IndyCar it's very close together''.

According to Brown, that must be the goal. ''Now in F1 we are dependent on some spectacular races due to rain or crazy conditions, but that way we could bring the field much closer together so you don't have to depend on it. Fans would much rather see that. Those teams should not be afraid to fight against smaller teams at the same level," concludes Brown with a clear statement to the competition.

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