Ricciardo: "If we're going to race every week, weekends should be shortened"

08-04-2020 12:23
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo: If we're going to race every week, weekends should be shortened

As long as the coronavirus is not contained there will be uncertainty about the Formula 1 season. When will it start? How many races can be driven? Will there be more than one race on a circuit? Will the weekend be shortened? All kinds of questions that the parties involved are looking at now, Daniel Ricciardo has already expressed his preference.

Two instead of three days

When the season starts it is quite possible that the weekends will be shorter in order to save costs. This balances the missed income from previously postponed or cancelled races somewhat. It also gives room to race every week, without it becoming too much of a burden for the teams and drivers.

At Canal+ Ricciardo says: "The weekends will have to be shortened if we want to race every week. We'll have to organise the weekends over two days rather than three." If that is indeed the solution, it is most likely training on Saturday and then qualifying or possibly qualifying on Sunday and then racing.

Racing in Europe

However, Formula 1 also has a logistics operation to get everything in the right place, which takes time. That's why Ricciardo proposes that the season is driven in periods per continent, which makes transport a bit easier.

"We'll also have to set up a logical operation with one period in Europe, another in the East of the world and one in the West. That could work, in any case, we would be ready for the recovery."


Ricciardo also states that all drivers should be involved so that the sport can make the right choices. "I think it's necessary. We're all together in an association (GPDA), so it's a good communication channel. We can communicate with the organizers through this, through this family."

"We can share our opinions and find solutions. If we are offered a two-day weekend format, rather than a three-day one, I think the drivers will be in favour of it, because it will mean more races."

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