Canadian Grand Prix promotor hands over baton to French Grand Prix

08-04-2020 10:48
by Editorial Team
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Canadian Grand Prix promotor hands over baton to French Grand Prix

On Tuesday evening it was announced that the Canadian Grand Prix has been postponed and so it's another race that's moving on. The next start of the season would be on Paul Ricard, the French Grand Prix. Unless it is postponed as well, but that's too early to say at the moment. The promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix has expressed his disappointment in the meantime.

Quebec locked

The Prime Minister of Quebec, Francois Legault, has indicated that the state will be closed until 4 May, which also means that no major events can and should be organised. Now the race falls later in the year, but this limitation of the government creates obstacles in the organization of the Grand Prix.

"Setting up a temporary infrastructure for the race should take place long before this date," says Francois Dumontier, promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix at Le Journal de Montreal. "The closed Canadian borders were already a measure and we hoped that in the meantime we would go in the right direction, but unfortunately that is not the case".

Racing in France?

The next race after the Canadian Grand Prix will be the French Grand Prix on June 28th. This could be the start of the season, but that depends entirely on the developments regarding the coronavirus. France is closed and a lot of infections have been detected. Nevertheless Dumontier is handing over the baton for now to the French.

"It's no different, I'll hand over the baton to the French Grand Prix." Whether the Canadian Grand Prix comes back on the calendar later this year is also a challenge, because due to the climate it has to be before mid-October. As it can get very cold afterwards in Montreal.

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