Chandhok is upset: ''Those new rules need to come as soon as possible''

08-04-2020 08:59
by Editorial Team
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Chandhok is upset: ''Those new rules need to come as soon as possible''

In Formula 1, the age of the drivers is starting to drop further and further. More and more young drivers are allowed to get into the car and achieve success, but according to Karun Chandhok this is not the intention and F1 chooses the wrong way.

F1 cars are far too heavy

Over the years the F1 cars have become a bit heavier every year. Nowadays F1 cars are already over 700 kilos, whereas Sebastian Vettel's championship cars were just 600 kilos. According to Chandhok this is a strange road the F1 has chosen and he is looking forward to the future.

''We are in a strange situation. The cars have become bigger, wider and heavier, so in theory you should be slower. To compensate for that, however, a mountain of downforce has been added, so that we still go faster. Because of this the racing has become a lot worse'', says Chandhok, who was not happy with the F1.

Talents are 'too good

The new rules appeal more to the former F1 driver's imagination. ''I was optimistic about 2021, but now it could be 2022 or 2023 before we get those new rules. As far as I'm concerned it can't come soon enough, so we can really race again," said Chandhok to As far as he's concerned, the young talents are also proof of the F1 race.

''With all due respect to guys like George Russell, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon. They are great drivers, but you shouldn't be able to get into an F1 car like that and be within three tenths of experienced drivers. It has to be scary and exciting as it used to be,'' Chandhok concludes.

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