Lammers: ''Why not Formula 1 on Wednesdays, like the Champions League?''

08-04-2020 06:49
by Editorial Team
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Lammers: ''Why not Formula 1 on Wednesdays, like the Champions League?''

Now that the Canadian Grand Prix has also been postponed, nine races of the former Formula 1 calendar have already been taken. What can still be done to save the season? Jan Lammers does have a solution.

Formula 1 on Wednesday

''Why can't a Grand Prix just be held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, as happens in football with the Champions League? It doesn't always have to be on primetime Sunday afternoon, but it can also be on weekdays. But then you have to make the weekends a little lighter so that there is less pressure on the organising countries'', says Lammers to the NOS.

Already on Monday it became clear that the F1 is weighing up different options. For example, they are speculating about different races on the circuits of Spielberg and Silverstone, in order to fill the calendar quickly and not have to travel much. In addition to these two options, Lammers sees more possibilities to rearrange the calendar.

F1 season far from over

"It's far too early to draw a line under it. If we can race again later, don't keep that from the fans either. The circuit in Portugal has now also suddenly been granted a Formula 1 license, so we can look forward to a race there as well'', said Lammers.

''The coronavirus has such a big impact on F1, but Lammers is already thinking a few steps ahead. In a crisis, we might all take three steps backwards, but we're also learning from this and we can take another step forward. So it doesn't just have disadvantages'', concludes the former Formula 1 driver.

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