OFFICIAL: Grand Prix of Canada postponed!

07-04-2020 19:21 | Updated: 07-04-2020 19:23
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OFFICIAL: Grand Prix of Canada postponed!

The rumours were hanging around for a while, but the Grand Prix of Canada is now officially postponed as well. After the Grand Prix of Australia, Bahrain, China, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Spain, Monaco and Azerbaijan Canada is the ninth race postponed by the coronavirus.

Canada postponed due to coronavirus

The coronavirus is currently occupying the whole world. Many countries are in a complete lockdown and others are setting up different rules to combat the COVID-19 virus. Major events such as the European Football Championship and the start of the Formula 1 season have already been postponed and now the Canadian GP can't get away from it either.

With this, the start of the F1 season of 2020 will be postponed even further. After the season seemed to start in Australia, things went fast for F1. Where for a moment it looked like a normal start, now the first nine races have been postponed and it might not even stay that way. For now the start of the season will be on June 28th: The French Grand Prix on the circuit of Paul Ricard.

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