F1 factories longer in shutdown because of COVID-19

07-04-2020 18:04
by Editorial Team
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F1 factories longer in shutdown because of COVID-19

The FIA confirmed this earlier today on their website. The factories of all teams and their engine suppliers are obliged to close for a longer period of time. The shutdown will be extended from 21 days to a minimum of 35.

Factories closed

Normally the factories close completely for two weeks in the month of August during the summer break. This summer break has already been brought forward by the FIA and will be held in March and April due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This two-week period was also extended to three weeks.

The period of three weeks has now been extended once more. In total the factories will be closed for more than a month. The teams now have to decide for themselves in which period of March, April and May they want to schedule a total of 35 days of rest. It cannot be ruled out that the mandatory rest period will be extended once again.

Start of the season

Formula 1 will now have to start this season on June 14 in Canada. However, everything indicates that also this Grand Prix will not take place on the original date. France doesn't seem to be able to meet the date of June 28 either, so the first race of 2020 might take place in Austria.

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