Rosberg encourages creativity: "Saturday clockwise and Sunday counterclockwise"

07-04-2020 15:17
by Editorial Team
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Rosberg encourages creativity: Saturday clockwise and Sunday counterclockwise

The FIA is already working on it, but Nico Rosberg gives advice. The former F1 world champion encourages creativity of the organisation in rearranging the F1 calendar. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that calendar is completely upset.

Rosberg suspects that he doesn't have a lot of confidence in it, but says he sincerely hopes that there will be some races held this year. The sport has to come up with creative solutions in order to have a sporting year around the pandemic.

The German himself has also come up with some creative solutions. An idea of the former Mercedes driver is to drive two races in one weekend without an audience. To Deutsche Welle he explains: "Maybe they can organize some creative double-headers where they drive one direction on Saturday and the other direction on Sunday.

Without an audience is ideal

According to the German, it is a good thing that it is possible to drive the GP's without an audience present. Of course this detracts from the atmosphere and character of the sport, but Rosberg says: "It helps that we can organize races without spectators. This allows them to pick up the thread sooner".

"Without an audience, the races become events that attract less than a hundred people. The races can then just be held, so that's an advantage."

Teams at risk are a liability

The long race stop is going to cost multiple teams a lot of money. Williams, for example, is facing bankruptcy. This is not only disastrous for the teams themselves. If only a few teams fail, it is also a noose for the whole competition.

Rosberg is of the opinion: "The biggest problem at the moment is the financial situation of the smaller teams. The F1 circus needs all teams to function. If two or three teams don't participate anymore it won't be a nice sport anymore. Too few teams are participating."

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