Mercedes has a new target: 1,000 devices per day

07-04-2020 11:56
by Editorial Team
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Mercedes has a new target: 1,000 devices per day

Where most teams have to send staff on leave and reduce salaries, Mercedes has a lot to do with the Pitlane Project, now that 10,000 new respirators will be delivered this week.

Together with the University of London and the doctors at UCL hospital, Mercedes has developed a respirator that should help in the fight against the coronavirus. The Continuous Pisitive Airway Pressure (CPAP) pumps air into the patient's lungs, eliminating the need to gasp for air.

Mercedes has a new goal

So Mercedes has to go to work, because the British health service has requested an order for 10,000 devices. Where Mercedes in Brixworth normally works hard on the Mercedes engine, it now has to produce up to 1,000 CPAP's a day. Currently 40 machines are working on this, in order to meet this number.

''Since the announcement of the project, we have received a mountain of requests from all over the world. The design will be made by as many companies around the world as possible, so we can spread it around the world as quickly as possible," says Andy Cowell in the Mercedes statement.

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