''Maybe racing in July, but then the ban on events should be lifted''

07-04-2020 08:21
by Editorial Team
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''Maybe racing in July, but then the ban on events should be lifted''

Chase Carey still hopes for about fifteen to eighteen races this season, but according to Christian Klien that's not feasible at all. The former Formula 1 driver doesn't see how Carey hopes to achieve that.

''The plan is to overtake races in the hole that is normally the summer break, but you can't organize more than two races there. Furthermore, you can extend the calendar a bit until December 13th, but then eighteen races is really not realistic. It will all depend on the start of the season'', says Klien against Speedweek.com.

Racing in July will be difficult

The Austrian, who drove thirty races for Red Bull Racing in the past, sees a situation in his own country in which it is not possible to race for the time being. In Austria there is still a ban on events until the end of June, so the Red Bull Ring cannot be used until July at the earliest.

''It's difficult to say when we can start again, but first we need to be able to organize events again. You might be able to start in July, but a small country like Austria needs to prepare for that first. Besides that it's also just a matter of seeing how the rest of the world is doing before we go racing again'', Klien concludes.

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