F1 Social Stint | Verstappen imitates Vettel: 'Blue flag, blue flag....'

06-04-2020 08:55 | Updated: 09-04-2020 14:31
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F1 Social Stint | Verstappen imitates Vettel: 'Blue flag, blue flag....'

The Grands Prix of Australia, China, Vietnam, Bahrain, the Netherlands, Spain, Monaco and Azerbaijan have been either cancelled or postponed, but that should not spoil the fun. The Formula 1 drivers are now spending their time doing other things. In F1 Social Stint you'll find everything that keeps drivers and teams busy during the extra break preceding the F1 season.

Verstappen imitates Vettel: 'Blue flag, blue flag....'

It's been a while since we heard Sebastian Vettel talk about the onboard radio, but the lament about drivers ignoring blue flags is still in the back of everyone's mind. The same goes for Max Verstappen, who ventured into an imitation during a sim race on the circuit of Suzuka.

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‘End stream’

Charles Leclerc and his little brother Arthur Leclerc recently participated in the digital Grand Prix. It was broadcasted live, also via a Twitch live stream of the Ferrari driver, but he is not really handy with it yet. Closing the stream afterwards turns out to be another challenge for the driver.

Vettel has a smile on his face while driving

In a new video from Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel responds to his feelings while racing. The German has the feeling that he is always racing with a smile on his face, but can also be very disappointed when things don't go the way he wants.

Haas celebrates Dutch success after online race

While Charles Leclerc took off with the win at the virtual Grand Prix of Australia, there was also a race going on on the same circuit for official simracers. Where Haas couldn't make an impression with the real drivers, the simracers could celebrate a podium finish. Dutchman, Floris Weijers, managed to secure a third place for the American race stable.

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