Formula 1 is at a tipping point: ''Can just four teams disappear''

06-04-2020 08:20 | Updated: 06-04-2020 08:55
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Formula 1 is at a tipping point: ''Can just four teams disappear''

Red Bull Racing and Ferrari are reportedly working against the reduction in the budget cap in Formula 1, but according to Zak Brown this is necessary for the sport. According to the McLaren team boss, several teams are on the verge of collapse.

F1 is going to lose teams

Christian Horner already told the BBC. Of course the financial problems are bad, but if we can race again it has the highest priority. According to Brown, however, it's different. While teams such as Red Bull Racing and Ferrari may always survive, not all teams on the grid.

''The coronavirus may be a big problem for several teams and therefore also a big danger for Formula 1. If we don't dare aggressively tackle the big problems that are happening now, I'll just see two teams disappear from Formula 1. In fact, it could be just four if this is badly handled'', said Brown to the BBC.

Brown hopes for support

According to Brown, the F1 is therefore in critical condition and should be helped as soon as possible. McLaren has therefore proposed a lower budget cap of 100 million dollars, in order to solve the problems of the teams and make the sport fairer. However, Red Bull and Ferrari are working against it.

''Sport should be an opportunity for everyone and with a budget cap of 100 million that is possible. However, there is a dichotomy within Formula 1. It is not 50-50, but about 80-20. With 80 percent can survive F1, but with 20 percent certainly not'', concludes Brown with a clear warning for the Formula 1.

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